Grayed Out



Tight framing and an iFlash ;-)



Dank U Wel

Er was dringend nood aan een Dank-U-Wel-kaartje:

Nik Software Sharpener Pro – The file xxx cannot be written.

Yesterday I downloaded and installed a trial version of Nik Software Sharpener Pro 3.010 on Windows 7 as Lightroom 4.2 plug-in. I wanted to test the plugin before buying it. I must say it is what I’m looking for, but I couldn’t save any adjustments on LightRoom 4.2. “The file xxx cannot be written. Please make sure that the file is not write protected and that you have sufficient access rights for that file.”

I’ve been googling for a solution, but to no avail… So there ended “Goolge expertize” ;-).

After some research, I noted that:

  • Whatever option I chose (‘Edit Original’, ‘Edit a Copy’, ‘Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments’, the result is always the same error!
  • Running the plugin-installer as ‘user’ or running the plugin-installer ‘Run as administrator’ => No difference.
  • Set the executables to: always running the plugin in compatibility mode => Plugin cannot be started anymore.
  • Set the executables to: Always run the plugin as ‘Run as administrator’ => Plugin cannot be started anymore.
  • Set the executables to: Always run the plugin as both ‘Run in compatibility mode (XP SP3)’ AND ‘Run as administrator’ => Plugin cannot be started anymore.
  • Windows Event-Log shows no errors…
Later on I noticed that my files are always imported to a network mapped drive on a Synology nas. When I import my photos to a local drive, the error is gone… So I do suspect that the executable is not started as my user, but that’s guessing. At least I found a work-around ;-).
The bad news: this means that I have to rethink my entire process workflow setup ;-(…

Paddestoelen zoektocht in het Peerdsbos te Brasschaat.

Wegens het uitzonderlijk prachtige herstweer afgelopen dagen, was dit een uitgelezen moment om met pruts E op zoek te gaan naar paddestoelen. Het doel was de mooie rode vliegenzwam van een 30cm doormeter, maar helaas ;-).

Gelukkig zorgde een ervaren fotomodel ;-), de laagstaande zon en mooi gekleurde herfstblader dek voor het sublieme decor van bovenstaande prentjes…

(Nikon D700 / 35mm @ F2.0)